The World’s “Best” Cup of Joe: Cream, Sugar, and Sediment

What determines the world’s best cup of coffee? Is it the atmosphere? Where the beans were grown? The scent of the grounds? Surprise – a lot of it has to do with water quality and places like Starbucks know it.

According to the experts at the $85.3 Billion Market Cap coffee company, clean, fresh water that is free of impurities is one of the four fundamentals that greatly affect the final taste and quality of your cup of joe.

Besides water, coffee is the most “essential” drink in the workplace – it keeps employees alert, focused, and hydrated. Moderate caffeine consumption can actually enhance memory consolidation. And, the belief that caffeine is linked to dehydration is actually a myth.

But like water, how the coffee tastes often determines how much we drink. Low-quality water diminishes the taste of your coffee. While taste is one thing, bacteria is another. Your office coffee maker could actually be contributing to sick days.

Add creamer to your office coffee – not germs and sediment

Coffee is 98% water, or at least it should be. If your workplace does not properly clean the coffee machine or the machine uses low quality water, it may also contain germs, bacteria, or sediment.

Additionally, NSF International’s 2011 study found that around half of classic coffee makers (your typical basket-and-carafe) had mold and yeast growth in their reservoirs. Coliform bacteria was found in about one in ten. Coffee reservoirs are dirtier than toilet flush handles, bathroom light switches, and pet toys.


What about YOUR workplace coffee? Is it gross? Bet it is!

Is your workplace coffee machine cleaned daily? More importantly, is it cleaned properly? Ignoring basic cleaning practices of your coffee machine for even a single weekend can develop mold spores.

Decrease sick days and enjoy better tasting coffee! Here’s how:

  1. Clean carafe, lid and filter basket with warm, sudsy water daily.
  2. Run this vinegar solution from Good Housekeeping though office coffee machine once a month.
  3. Remind your employees to sanitize – one study shows that coffee pot handles were one of the first commonly touched surfaces to spread a virus.
  4. Use filtered water rather than water straight from the tap.

It’s Time to Cut the Carafe 

Most people have a favorite coffee brand or flavor, but your Starbucks or Dunkin’ preference won’t matter much if your coffee machine isn’t brewed or cleaned properly, especially during flu season.

Pure Water Technology spent 12 months selecting the best quality, taste, and process for their coffee brewers. When you combine Pure Water Technology’s coffee brewers and service with our water filtration systems, employees will benefit from improved health – while enjoying a better tasting, better quality, and healthier cup of joe.


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