COVID-19 Precautions & FAQ

Updated: September 30, 2020

As the entire world faces an unprecedented public health emergency, more people are taking the cleanliness of all of their products more seriously, including drinking water. We’ll keep this page updated as our response to COVID-19 evolves and relevant questions arise.

Precautions We’re Taking in Response to COVID-19

Our installers are equipped with gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, and/or sanitizing wipes. The technicians are diligently cleaning down all surfaces within their vans and all surfaces of the coolers once they are removed from the plastic wrapping. Our Service Manager, Cory Zink, personally oversees all aspects to ensure all procedures are being followed.

We are being extremely proactive in ensuring everything is 100% sanitized and all installers/technicians are healthy.

Our approach to protecting this public conversation is never static, which is particularly relevant in these unprecedented times. The fear of germs and viruses spreading is legitimate in today’s world, but it is a task Pure Water Technology can help prevent. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you already have a Pure Water system or are considering adding one to your workplace, we hope the following frequently asked questions will help guide you as you institute preventative measures and safeguards for your team members. 

  1. Can the coronavirus get into the Pure Water filtered water system?

We do not take COVID-19 lightly. We can assist your office, warehouse, or facility prevent the possibility of viral spread through your drinking water sources.

Our water systems are coated with an antimicrobial surface, known as “Clean Contact” that does not allow cross-contamination of bacteria, germs, and viruses. This technology is just one of the many vital pieces of what makes our technology different. Another feature, our “In-Tank Sanitization”, prevents bacteria growth inside our machines, and our 5-Stage Purification Process allows for the best drinking water possible at the point-of-use. With the combination of these unique features, you can rest assured knowing that at least your water is completely germ-free.

  1. Will your service technicians wear masks while performing installation or service?

Yes. All Pure Water Technology service technicians and installers are required to wear a mask while performing their duties.

  1. Do you offer after-hours service appointments?

We do. If you’d rather we perform service when fewer people are in your office, please let us know. We can make arrangement to fit your preferences.

  1. How can you guarantee my stored water hasn’t been exposed to the COVID-19 virus?

Rather than introducing bacteria and viruses from jugs, our Closed System units use a sealed, 304 surgical stainless steel tank system that utilizes two air filters along with a patented and integrated Activated Oxygen Injection system (ozone, O3) to keep your water sanitary, fresh-tasting, and virus-free. This ensures raw outside air will not contaminate or touch the water until it is dispensed, which is an effective way to combat germs in the workplace.

  1. Is a Pure Water Technology bottleless water system safer than bottled water?

Traditional bottled water coolers utilize an open system, allowing bacteria to enter the water while sitting stagnant in the holding tank. Once manufactured, these bottles are filled with treated water at a bottling facility where there are multiple chances for germs and environmental contaminants to enter. The bottled water cooler itself is an open well with no barriers to airborne or waterborne bacteria.  Rather than introducing bacteria from every jug to an open reservoir, PWT’s 304 surgical stainless-steel storage tanks are sealed and completely sanitary.

  1. How does Pure Water Technology combat COVID-19?
  • All 3i, 1R and BluV coolers utilize a sealed, closed tank system. This ensures air will not touch the water until dispensed.
  • 3i, 1R and BluV coolers feature an antimicrobial touchpads and surfaces to help keep your staff and facilities as germ-free as possible. This advanced technology prevents germs and viruses from colonizing on the surface of the cooler itself, making a good glass of purified drinking water safe for everyone.
  • We send in one technician who will be equipped with gloves and sanitizer.
  • The install is quick and easy and you won’t see us until service is required. While the plastic 5-gallon jugs and bottles need continuous delivery, our coolers are bottleless!
  • All PWT coolers are shipped to us in plastic wrap. Prior to installation, we take the extra step to clean and flush them thoroughly.

Our Commitment To You

There is no higher priority to Pure Water Technology (PWT) than the safety of our customers and employees while standing firm in our commitment to provide the cleanest, safest, great tasting drinking water available. 

What we unknowingly pass around from employee to employee is on the top of our mind today, and PWT represents a product line of drinking water and ice systems that will undoubtedly aid in your effort to reduce cross-contamination points. We are closely monitoring this fluid situation, reassuring you that you are drinking the safest water available.

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