Reverse Osmosis Water/Ice Filtration Systems For Hotels

Hotels, meeting venues, and conference centers must have fresh, great-tasting water and ice available at all times for their guests, event attendees, and employees. Providing high-quality drinking water goes beyond satisfying people’s need for hydration — it’s also necessary for maintaining the standard of excellence you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Pure Water Technology’s hotel water and ice filtration systems use an advanced purification process to provide exceptional water 24/7/365.

HD30 iceValet®

Ice Storage Built To Handle All of Your Commercial Ice Needs



Built in touch-less dispense activation commercial water dispenser

Wellsys 12000

Wellsys 12,000

State-of-the-art reverse osmosis purification system gives you clean and fresh drinking water

Hospitality Water and Ice Purification Systems Your Guests Need

With four-step filtration that includes reverse osmosis, our systems improve the quality and safety of the water throughout your hospitality facility.

We give hotel managers convenience and peace of mind. From installation to ongoing maintenance — including filter changes — Pure Water Technology takes care of EVERYTHING for you.

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We serve Hotels for Water Purification

Pure Water Technology’s Unparalleled Water Quality and Unmatched Service and Support

Pure Water Technology serves hotels, conference centers, and other hospitality venues of all sizes in southeastern Pennsylvania, northern Maryland, northern Delaware, and New Jersey.

You never have to worry about any aspect of our systems. From installation to ongoing maintenance — even filter changes — we take care of EVERYTHING. You get all the benefits of an advanced water purification system with zero hassles!

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"Jeanne was the absolute best. Have a store in North Baltimore County and am a serial water drinker. The water here smelled of chlorine and was well, not clear. The installation of the water and coffee system took less than an hour. Better than bottled. Thank you so much."


Why Hotels and Conference Centers Need a Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System

1. Water Quality, Safety, and Compliance

Treating people exceptionally well is in your organization’s DNA. And providing safe, contaminant-free drinking water to guests and employees is one consideration you can’t ignore. Healthful hydration is essential to well-being. Moreover, government regulations require you to have safe drinking water readily available in your workplace.

2. Environmental Sustainability and Cost Control

If your hotel has a purified water system serving its entire facility, guests will be less reliant on single-use plastic water bottles. Pure Water Technology’s touchless water dispensing units — perfect for public areas like hotel lobbies, fitness centers, cafes, and hallways — display how many plastic bottles you’ve eliminated based on the amount of water dispensed. Every time someone uses them, you can visibly see your organization’s positive impact on the environment.

3. Customer Experience and a Competitive Edge

You pay attention to every fine detail to ensure a stellar customer experience. Don’t let sub-par drinking water stand in your way of making a positive impression and attracting repeat business.

Fresh, delicious drinking water and ice purified through a Pure Water Technology filtration system enhance the guest experience. People can taste the difference between the remarkable purity of water filtered through our systems versus systems that use a less advanced filtration process. Our dispensers’ sleek, attractive design and nearly invisible water lines blend into their surroundings to preserve the aesthetic ambiance you’ve created in your lobby, cafe, and other gathering spaces.

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