Refreshment Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Companies in the automotive sector are known for their hard-working employees and service to their customers. In a work environment that involves potentially dangerous machinery and other potential hazards, providing safe, fresh drinking water is one way to help ensure workers’ well-being.

Pure Water Technology’s bottleless water purification systems, ice, coffee, and sparkling water make it easy, convenient, and cost-effective for you to offer the highest-quality, best-tasting refreshments possible.

".. the best thing about the units is that they are self - cleaning, no green scum to clean out of the water reservoir (most people never clean them- but it is there) so no biofilm to make you sick with PWT coolers."


Drinking Water Solutions

Pure, safe water and ice that tastes great encourages adequate hydration and facilitates healthier outcomes. Whether you are on the shop floor, in offices, or in showrooms, our units give your staff and visitors readily available access to exceptionally pure water. Here are a few examples of businesses in the automotive industry who have benefitted from our business drinking water and ice solutions.

  • Auto repair and body shops
  • Car dealerships
  • Tire companies
  • Towing companies
  • Vehicle rental agencies
  • Vehicle manufacturers

Why Your Automotive Business Needs a Reliable Water Purification System

1. Healthful Hydration

Your mechanics, technicians, and other staff work hard. Employees who work around heat-generating machinery can fall at risk of dehydration and heat-related illnesses. Make sure they get the hydration they need to stay healthy and perform their best.

Pure Water Technology systems provide water so pure that workers will be more likely to choose healthful H2O over sugary, caffeinated drinks that can hinder more than help hydration. Our four-step filtration process ensures water is safe and great-tasting. We also offer a five-step filtration option that adds electrolytes to water to help restore hydration after rigorous activity.

2. Convenience & Consistency

With Pure Water Technology water purification systems, you don’t have to worry about placing orders or changing bottles. You will have an endless supply of fresh, ultra-filtered water in your workplace.

Consistent hydration has never been so simple or accessible.

Moreover, our water filtration systems have a compact design. Get rid of bulky bottles and clunky coolers so that you can reclaim your valuable floor and storage space!

3. Safety

A Pure Water Technology water filtration system removes contaminants, kills bacteria, and removes heavy metals.

Our systems’ self-sanitizing stainless steel tanks eliminate microbiological contamination. Also, our unit’s plastic-free, antimicrobial surfaces resist dirt and germs.

For even more peace of mind, our touch-free models automatically fill containers for hands-free operation.

Water Purification Systems for the Automotive Industry

We have systems to fit your needs, no matter the size of your building or workforce. From garage bays to fabrication shops to showrooms and more, Pure Water Technology filtration units have space-saving profiles and dispense cold and hot water reliably at all times (ambient option available, too). 

Local, Reliable, Full-Service and Support

Pure Water Technology has our own in-house customer service and technical support staff. We handle all facets of installation and take care not to disrupt your operations in the process. Our technicians come to your site to fully maintain your system so that you never have to track when your units need servicing, when filters need changing, or anything else. When we say we take care of everything, we mean EVERYTHING!



Built in touch-less dispense activation commercial water dispenser

Follett Ice Bin

Follett Bin Ice Dispenser

Ice Machines Built To Handle Your Large Volume Ice Needs

Wellsys 12000

Wellsys 12,000

State-of-the-art reverse osmosis purification system gives you clean and fresh drinking water

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