Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems for Salons, Spas, and Gyms

With wellness and self-care top priorities for you and your clientele, you need a fresh, always-available supply of pure drinking water at your salon, day or resort spa, or gym.

Pure Water Technology’s commercial reverse osmosis water purification systems and ice machines ensure you keep your guests, members, and staff hydrated and happy. You get superior purity, taste, safety, and convenience 24/7/365 via our advanced filtration dispensers that offer versatility and eliminate the use of plastic water bottles.

"Before I met Tony Villani, my company was using Bottled water. I decided to switch to Pure Water Technology and it's the best decision I've ever made. The whole process was effortless and very professional. The service is second to none, and Tony was there to make sure everything was done well. I highly recommend Pure water technology"


Salons, Spas, and Gyms Love Our Water Purification Systems

Pure Water Technology systems deliver exceptionally great-tasting water. All our units use an advanced filtration process, including reverse osmosis, to remove impurities, minerals, heavy metals, and other contaminants. We also offer optional BOOST filtration to add electrolytes for enhanced post-workout recovery and sparkling water dispensers.

Find out why other  organizations depend on our water purification systems for safe, healthful, eco-friendly bottle-less drinking water. Schedule a 15-minute discovery call to learn more.


Why Your Spa or Health Club Needs a Bottleless Water Filtration System

1. Purity and Healthful Hydration

Pure, safe drinking water is a must for optimal health and wellness. Spa treatments and gym workouts increase clientele’s need for hydration. It’s easy to taste the difference between water from a system that uses a multi-filtration process to purify water versus one that does not. Fresh, delicious drinking water via a reverse osmosis water purification system enhances the client experience by helping guests and members feel and perform their best.


Bottled water coolers present an injury risk to staff members who fail to properly lift the heavy five-gallon jugs. Those bulky coolers are also prone to leaks and spills, which can cause slips and falls. Moreover, if extreme care isn’t taken when changing bottles, bacteria and dirt can contaminate water, potentially making people ill.

A safer alternative is a filtered water system that requires no bottle changes, thus eliminating the risks of staff and guest injuries and illness.

3. Convenience and Consistency

We know you have enough on your plate managing your spa, salon, or gym. With our water purification systems, you don’t have to worry about ordering five-gallon water jugs, changing filters, or anything else. Pure Water Technology takes care of EVERYTHING for you — even filter changes. You get a limitless supply of pure drinking water — without any hoops to jump through or hassles.

Touchless Water Dispensers for Convenience and Protection

Pure Water Technology water filtration units’ antimicrobial surface protects against cross-contamination of microorganisms. And our products with built-in touchless dispense technology offer increased convenience while helping to prevent the spread of germs. Their automatic fill feature makes them an ideal contactless solution for your reception areas, locker rooms, gym floor, staff break rooms, and anywhere else where you wish to make high-quality drinking water available.

Full-Service, Local Support for Peace of Mind

Pure Water Technology installs and maintains our units. Our in-house technical staff takes care of everything — including changing water filters — while you take all the credit for providing exceptional drinking water.

You can count on us to help whenever you need us. If you have questions or issues, our knowledgeable Service and Support team are standing by to assist you.



Built in touch-less dispense activation commercial water dispenser

Follett Ice Bin

Follett Bin Ice Dispenser

Ice Machines Built To Handle Your Large Volume Ice Needs

Wellsys 12000

Wellsys 12,000

State-of-the-art reverse osmosis purification system gives you clean and fresh drinking water

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