About Us

We are committed simply to providing a better experience with our touchless and bottleless solutions.

We are a family-owned and operated business with our corporate office located in Lancaster, PA. The team at Pure Water Technology of Central PA and Northern MD provides our customers the highest performing water purification, ice, coffee, and air systems in the marketplace. Our ongoing research and development efforts allow us to provide the most advanced products today – and for the future. 

Our PHSI Pure Water Technology bottleless water purification coolers are the most effective way to provide fresh, pure, oxygenated drinking water in the workplace. By using our systems, you have safer, more healthful water – and you no longer have to deal with the high cost and hassle of bottled water delivery services.

Why Choose Pure Water Technology®?

Pure Water Technology water purification systems give you fresher, cleaner water than filter and bottle dispensers. Filter and bottle water coolers do not provide the purity or protection you and your employees deserve. Poorly designed and improperly maintained filter systems can increase contamination levels and generate high levels of bacteria that can make you sick. Bottle water coolers also open the door to germs and illness.

Our systems are designed to deliver glass after glass of fresh, cold, pure drinking water at the touch of a button. Our patented process provides the purest drinking water available. It is microprocessor controlled and has “auto tank sanitization.” This advanced process eliminates bacteria growth in the tank and keeps the water tasting clean and fresh.

Brands That Trust Us