Who We Serve

Providing water purification services to industries including but not limited to:

Human Resources & Environmental Health Services

Whether your company has five or 500 employees, Pure Water Technology understands that you want what’s best for the business’s most valuable asset — its people! Fresh, pure drinking water is one of the most important features of a healthy, hazard-free, sustainable work environment.


Healthcare Industry

Keeping patients, staff, and visitors safe, healthy, and happy is an immense responsibility — one that you take seriously. Pure Water Technology has healthcare water purification systems and ice dispensers that can help you in your efforts. 

Happy doctor reading charts while drinking water

Education Facilities

Pure Water Technology understands how seriously you take your responsibility to keep your students and staff safe, healthy, and happy. Whether your campus has one or nearly 1,000 buildings — and whether you have 30 or 30,000 students — a purified drinking water system with touchless water dispensers can help you succeed.

kid drinking water at school

Salons, Gyms & Spas

With wellness and self-care top priorities for you and your clientele, you need a fresh, always-available supply of pure drinking water at your salon, day or resort spa, or gym.


Dental Offices

The Pure Water Technology® 2-in-1 bottleless water appliance dispenses purified drinking water & laboratory-grade DI water for all your office needs. Perfect for all your dental equipment including autoclaves, operatory instruments, rinsing stations and more.

Warehouse, Manufacturing and Logistics

Reduce costs and injuries while increasing productivity and efficiency. Our bottleless coolers feature spacious, lighted dispense areas to eliminate spills and keep areas slip-proof. Quick, easy access to a continuous drinking water source keeps employees hydrated and operating.

manufacturing warehouse