Touchless Water Dispensers for Schools that Make the Grade

Pure Water Technology understands how seriously you take your responsibility to keep your students and staff safe, healthy, and happy. Whether your campus has one or nearly 1,000 buildings — and whether you have 30 or 30,000 students — a purified drinking water system with touchless water dispensers can help you succeed.

"When the pandemic started and standard water fountains for K-12 schools were no longer a viable and safe option for our drinking water source, we reached out to Pure Water Technology. We now have an endless supply of fresh, pure, healthy drinking water with a touch-less dispense activation system..Response time has been excellent. I very much appreciate their outstanding service."


School Water Purification Systems You & Your Students Will Love

Safety, purity, taste, and convenience all matter when providing drinking water to all buildings and areas of your campus: 

  • Administrative offices 
  • Classrooms 
  • Hallways 
  • Cafeterias and other eating areas 
  • Auditoriums 
  • Student centers 
  • Gymnasiums and workout rooms 
  • Faculty lounges 
  • Residence halls 
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Importance of Drinking Water in Schools: Why a Water Purification System Matters

1. Wellness and Performance

Studies have indicated that most children, adolescents, and adults do not get adequate hydration. That can negatively affect physical well-being and cognitive function.  

Supplying students and staff with a consistent supply of fresh and delicious drinking water helps create a healthy environment that facilitates optimal academic, mental, and physical performance. Having a high-quality hydration system can also positively affect a school’s reputation, which can help attract potential students and employees. 

2. Safety & Compliance

Lead continues to pose a health risk, especially to children in schools and daycare centers. In early 2022, one Pennsylvania school district reported that a majority of the water outlets it tested district-wide revealed lead contamination. Other school districts and higher education facilities — especially those with older plumbing systems and on-again/off-again water use patterns — may also have elevated lead concentrations in drinking water.   

Ignoring this threat can jeopardize students’ and staff members’ health, degrade the school’s reputation, and potentially cause legal issues. Administrators and facility managers can avoid those risks by installing a water purification system that effectively removes lead, kills bacteria, and filters out other contaminants. 

3. Environmental and Social Responsibility

Plastic bottle waste reigns as one of the most high-profile pollutants plaguing the planet. According to a 2022 report, Americans buy 50 billion water bottles annually, contributing to the 300 million tons of plastic waste generated worldwide each year.   

People of all ages are becoming increasingly aware of how their consumption affects climate change. Universities across the United States have seen student-championed efforts to reduce — even eliminate entirely — plastic bottle waste on their campuses.  

School administrators and facility managers can proactively answer the call to lessen waste by using a purifying water filtration system with eco-friendly, safe hydration stations campus-wide. 

Water Purification Systems for the Education Industry by Pure Water Technology

Pure Water Technology understands the concerns and challenges schools and universities face. Our water purification systems, which we install AND maintain, allow you to provide your students, staff, and visitors with fresh, clean water. Best of all, our systems are cost-effective and can ultimately save you money.  

Full-Service Support

Pure Water Technology installs and maintains our units. Our in-house technical staff takes care of everything — including changing water filters — while you take all the credit for providing exceptional drinking water.

You can count on us to help whenever you need us. If you have questions or issues, our knowledgeable Service and Support team are standing by to assist you.

Discover why so many schools, universities, and other learning centers rely on Pure Water Technology for safe, healthful, eco-friendly drinking water systems. Contact us today for a no-obligation, free trial! 



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