Commercial Water Filtration Systems For Factories and Warehouses

Your company’s success depends on your employees’ productivity and your ability to keep those workers safe, happy, and performing at their best. Pure Water Technology, a local Lancaster County company, has water purification systems and ice dispensers to help your manufacturing facility or distribution center achieve that!

An uninterrupted supply of fresh, great-tasting drinking water from our reverse osmosis water filtration systems allows you to meet potable water safety requirements. Having a dependable source of purified drinking water 24/7/365 ensures safe, cold water is available at all times in your factory or warehouse.

"Jeanne was the absolute best. Have a store in North Baltimore County and am a serial water drinker. The water here smelled of chlorine and was well, not clear. The installation of the water and coffee system took less than an hour. Better than bottled. Thank you so much."


Manufacturing Water Purification Systems You & Your Staff Need

Our units encourage workers to stay hydrated, which helps maximize on-the-job performance. With an antimicrobial surface — and units with hands-free operation — our dispensers protect against contamination and the spread of germs.

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Why Your Factory or Warehouse Needs a Bottleless Water Filtration System

1. Safety and Compliance

Pure, delicious drinking water is a must for maintaining a health and safety-conscious work environment. An atmosphere that prioritizes workers’ well-being helps protect employees from illness and injury, boosts productivity, decreases absenteeism, reduces turnover, and elevates employee morale. It can also provide injury prevention and reduce risk of dehydration and illness.

2. Hydration for Better Health and Performance

Water is essential for proper hydration — which is especially important for workers on the plant floor and in warehouses where heat and physical labor can take a toll. It’s critical your facility doesn’t run out of safe, refreshing drinking water, especially in the hot summer months when dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke incidents increase. 

3. Convenience

Plant, operations, and facility managers have enough on their plates without the added work of babysitting bottled water coolers or worrying about changing filters on a filtration system from a vendor with a less-than-stellar service department. Traditional five-gallon jug cooler solutions come with the hassles of ordering water, escorting delivery persons on-site, storing full and empty water jugs, and potentially running out of drinking water. Filtered water systems from vendors who fail to provide full-service support create extra work for management.

4. Sustainability

More and more consumers strive to buy from companies that adopt eco-friendly practices. Organizations that have embraced “going green” have seen both reputation and financial benefits from their efforts to become more environmentally conscious.

Installing a water purification system dramatically reduces plastic bottle waste, a major threat to the eco-system. Pure Water Technology’s touchless water units enable you to see the positive environmental impact you’re making every time someone uses them. They display the number of plastic bottles eliminated based on the amount of water dispensed.

Advanced Technology + Unparalleled Service and Support

Pure Water Technology has extensive experience serving factories, manufacturing plants, and distribution centers of all sizes in all industries.

You never have to worry about any aspect of our systems. From installation to ongoing maintenance — even filter changes — we take care of EVERYTHING. You get all the benefits of an advanced water purification system with zero hassles!

Full-Service, Local Support You Can Depend On

Pure Water Technology’s in-house Service and Support team is here when you need us. You get support directly from us — never a third-party service department or contractor. Our factory-trained technicians have extensive experience installing and maintaining our systems. They tend to EVERY aspect of our systems — including changing the water filters — so facility, operations, and plant managers can focus on what they do best!



Built in touch-less dispense activation commercial water dispenser

Follett Ice Bin

Follett Bin Ice Dispenser

Ice Machines Built To Handle Your Large Volume Ice Needs

Wellsys 12000

Wellsys 12,000

State-of-the-art reverse osmosis purification system gives you clean and fresh drinking water

Ready to learn more? Schedule a discovery call with our team to see how you and your employees can start enjoying fresh delicious water.