Frequently Asked Questions

As the trusted authority on water purification, ice, coffee, and air purification systems, we believe you should know all you can about how to create the healthiest environment possible in your workplace. That’s why we’ve created a list of the most common questions customers ask when considering partnering with our Pure Water Technology® team.

Common Questions & Answers

Bottled water is an alternative to drinking tap water; however, it’s an unhealthy choice due to bacteria growth in the reservoir. It’s also unfriendly to the environment. Our PHSI Pure Water Technology ® systems utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide you safer, fresher, and better-tasting drinking water.Annually, thousands of companies in the United States have made the switch from bottled water to our purification systems.
An all-inclusive workplace drinking water program that works better with your budget.
Pure Water Technology provides a rental program that includes all service and filters. Our pricing is locked in for a 60-month period. That means you don’t have to worry about any unanticipated increase to the cost of your workplace drinking water. In most situations, our customers are spending less with our systems compared to bottled water – often saving over 30%! Pricing and savings can vary depending on the product model and the volume of water your workplace uses (because rental price includes all service and filters).

Yes, we have two plug and play attachments that make all of our systems touchless. We have a proximity sensor that dispenses with a wave of a hand while the foot pedal attachment dispenses with the press of a foot.

Yes, we work with schools who are using loan and grant resources for financing their public drinking water systems. Some resources we’ve accepted are from DWSRF and WIIN Grants and Cares Act. 

According to USA Today, 350 water systems that failed lead tests in recent years provided drinking water to schools and childcare center. We are committed to helping provide a better and healthier drinking water solution for all.

Filtration is an alternative to bottled water or a water fountain. But unfortunately, it comes way short of providing you with the purity and great taste available with our purification systems using reverse osmosis and activated oxygen injection. Over one third of our current customers used filtration systems before switching to our purification systems.

Pure Water Technology replaced hundreds of competitive filtration units with our purification systems. Why? Superior taste. Our patented process provides the purest drinking water available. It is microprocessor controlled and has “auto tank sanitization.” This advanced process eliminates bacteria growth in the tank and keeps the water tasting clean and fresh.

Our systems are installed in a similar manner as a refrigerator ice maker. They connect using the finest John Guest lines and fittings available. The lines run through walls and over ceiling tiles just like CAT5 computer cabling. Some of our installations are in manufacturing environments over two football fields long! Pure Water Technology is fully insured and qualified to install systems in all types of environments.

Surveys show that 76% of Americans will NOT drink from a water fountain. Would you? Most fountains are unsanitary and provide no treatment for well-publicized water quality issues. Over 20% of our customers had previously used water fountains exclusively, but now they provide their employees the benefit of pure, healthy drinking water through our systems.

Pure Water Technology provides a rental program which includes all service and filters. The pricing is locked for a 60-month period. In most situations, our customers are spending less with our systems compared to bottled water. The pricing of our systems varies depending on the model of the unit and the volume of water used.

Our water purification systems provide several health and savings benefits for businesses. They have an antimicrobial surface and a touchless dispense solution to help prevent cross-contamination in the workplace. Savings because we have a consistent bill payable monthly or quarterly making it easy for budgeting purposes. The best part is that our prices do not increase as your workplace consumption increases! That means no more bottles to deal with and forget the hassle of running out of drinking water or lifting 40- pound jugs. Simply enjoy drinking water that tastes every bit as good as it is for you!

We think so but we’ll let you be the judge. We take our role in providing safer, better-tasting, more eco-friendly drinking water seriously. We have met rigorous quality and energy-efficiency standards and have achieved top certifications in our industry. Our certifications include, CE Marking, Energy Star, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, NFS/ANSI-42 Drinking Water Treatment Units, Aesthetic Effects, NFS/ANSI-53 Drinking Water Treatment Units, Health Effects, NFS / ANSI-58 Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Treatment Systems, Underwriters Laboratories Inc., and WQA Gold Seal

Our water purification products take unfiltered water and put it through a filtration and purification process unmatched by our competition. Unlike other systems, our products use four filters:

Filter 1: Sediment Filter to remove sediments like dirt, rust and silt.

Filter 2: Carbon Block Filter to remove organic compounds like chemicals, solvents, and chlorine.

Filter 3: 80 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane to remove inorganic matter like lead, mercury and arsenic.

Filter 4: Granular Activated Carbon Filter as the final polish.

On top of all that, our products also give your workplace drinking water an activated oxygen injection in a high-grade stainless-steel tank to kill microbiological contaminants like bacteria, viruses and parasites.

Frequently Asked Questions