Bring Some Of The Best, Most Reasonably Priced Coffee In The Area To Your Workplace.​

Ordering Coffee?

Online ordering now available for all of your coffee supply needs

Bunn Autopod

Commercial Quick-Brew Coffee Maker.

Curtis Thermal

Easy to Operate Programmable Controls


Brews Up to 15 Gallons of Coffee in 1 Hour

Ground Coffee Products

Over 50 Variations of fresh ground coffee

Coffee Service by Pure Water Technology®

Bring the Coffeehouse, In-House

Pure Water Technology now offers well over 50 different fresh roasted coffee flavors and roasts for your workplace. We have it all – light, medium, dark, decaffeinated, certified organic, and virtually any flavor note you desire. They are available in a variety of forms – grounds, capsules, and pods, all accompanied by our trustworthy delivery and service.  More About Our Coffee Services »

High Performance Coffee Brewers

Pure Water Technology has a full line of high performance coffee brewers. When used with our water filtration products, you get downright amazing coffee!

Our brewers, by brands including Curtis®, Caféjo®, and Bunn®, use quality insulated carafes to keep your coffee fresher and hotter for longer. In our product lineup, you’ll also find a single cup brewer that delivers fresher coffee by the cup, and that can save you money over traditional single cup brewers. All of our brewers use modern technology that prevents downtime while giving you consistently delicious coffee every time.

We offer most of the major brands of coffee and supplies. We even have our own custom brew roasted locally in Selinsgrove, PA!

“I was very impressed with how quickly the Pure Water Technology team installed our systems. Great work everyone!”

Maria Ferretti – Purchasing Agent, Cleveland Brothers