10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Provide Employees Quality Drinking Water

Clean Water

Water is abundant in the world — everyone knows that. But high quality, clean drinking water is a commodity that many overlook for both value and cost. If you run a business, gym, salon, school, or healthcare institution, do you know what kind and quality of water you’re providing your employees? More importantly, do you know what it costs you if you don’t provide it?

Pure Water Technology of Central PA and Northern Maryland provides its customers with the best in water purification technology. From water purification units to ice makers and sparkling water  machines, our technicians and experts ensure your team has top-of-the-line access to water through our advance technology reverse osmosis and reoxygenation process.

Quality Drinking Water For Businesses

From health benefits to morale, here are 10 reasons that executives, bosses, and decision makers should provide their employees with the best quality commercial drinking water they can find.

1. Quality Water Has Numerous Health Benefits

Of the dozens of health benefits that high-quality drinking water has, several in particular afford a business lasting benefits:

  • Cuts down on fatigue. Did you know one of the first signs of dehydration is fatigue and sluggishness? If your employees don’t drink enough during the day, that mid-day slump will hit them hard — and grind the morning’s progress to a halt.
  • Promotes weight loss. Providing high-quality, tasty drinking water to employees can promote weight loss by keeping them fuller throughout the day. Instead of snacking on junk food from a vending machine, the readily-available water will keep them fuller, longer, and more focused.
  • Improves gut health. Drinking fluids helps human bodies absorb nutrients from the food we eat and keep digestion running smoothly. High quality water ensures gastrointestinal health, in particular, remains regular and bathroom breaks stay on a schedule.
  • Improves respiratory health. According to recent research from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, well-hydrated adults reduce their risk of asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia by drinking enough.

2. Quality Water Will Enhance Productivity

When employees get a dehydration headache, their brains hurt because the tissue surrounding it literally drinks from lack of water. This foggy, dull ache feeling puts pain — not work — at the forefront of their minds and reduces their ability to be consistently productive during a workday.

The thought that water improves productivity isn’t optimistic either; it’s fact. Studies show that as much as a 14% increase in productivity exists when employees have access to high-quality drinking water.

3. Quality Water Will Save Money

You may not realize just how much your place of business wastes on sub-par water. One of our clients, a warehouse company in York, PA, spent over $13,500 annually to provide commercial drinking water to their employees before partnering with us. The quality lacked and the business needed to find a more economical solution without reducing the water it provided to employees.

Our technicians assessed the warehouse and proposed a new solution: instead of spending nearly $14,000 on bottled water coolers with bottles, plastic creates, cooler rentals, and bottle deposits, they could spend just over $9,300 for the same amount of access and better quality water.

In five years, the Pure Water Technology system saved the company over $20,000, helped the warehouse reclaim valuable floor space (because our systems don’t clutter your environment with unwieldy plastic bottles), and provided all the employees who worked in the warehouse with better tasting, better quality drinking water. Win, win, win!

4. Quality Water Will Help Your Employees Have Better Ideas

Similar to some of the other reasons to provide your employees with quality drinking water on this list, your employees will have better, more creative ideas to bring to the table if they’re well hydrated. It revolutionizes “water cooler work” in business environments.

The drinking water you provide will reflect the level of creativity and effort your employees can put into their work. Energizing, healthy, cold and clean drinking water available with the waive of a hand creates a buzzing, hydrated workplace full of great ideas. That’s much better than a tired, glug-glug-glug plastic office cooler where employees stand and talk not even drinking the water.

5. Quality Water Will Improve Morale

Providing high quality drinking water communicates to your employees that you care about their health and about the taste of the water you provide. The effect of having high-quality drinking water at work goes deeper than that, though. 

Take our client Fox Subacute. They invested in a filter drinking water system, but some employees refused to drink the water because the line ran through the bathroom. Employee perception of the water was so poor, they had to invest in buying bottled water on top of the filtration system they’d just purchased.

When we assessed the situation, we came to a solution that benefited both the bosses and the employees: let us provide a free trial of our water filtration technology and see if you can taste a difference.

Within the week-long trial, even the most adamant naysayers before found our water to have a superior taste. Subacute was so pleased, they ordered two units — and employees no longer feel the need to drink bottled water.

This client’s problem and solution demonstrates just how pivotal access to great tasting, clean, high-quality water is in a workplace. Listening to employees about their views of the available water — and following up with solutions — can make them feel heard, seen, and valued, thereby increasing morale for the whole office.

6. Quality Water Will Decrease Employee Stress

A reduction of stress remains yet another benefit of staying well-hydrated at work. Employees with access to tasty, high-quality drinking water from a state-of-the-art water purification system get the added benefits of:

  • Less symptoms of anxiety, which is our body’s way of telling us we’re not hydrated enough.
  • Stop the stress cycle in its tracks.
  • Keep a clear head that maintains focus on projects.

Not only is there a clear health link between stress and hydration; keeping employees hydrated with high quality drinking water means they’re maintaining their health and operating at peak capacity.

7. Quality Water Will Cut Down on PTO

Staying well-hydrated affects more than your employees’ physical health. Their mental health can suffer, too, and result in lost momentum or work through increasingly frequent requests for PTO from chronic headaches, burnout, and general stress (as mentioned above). 

Providing your employees with quality drinking water from a water purification system like Pure Water Technology’s products can result in lasting effects that benefit your bottom line — like fewer employees taking off for migraines and headaches, healthy employees burning out from taking on their sick counterparts’ work responsibilities, and “firing on all cylinders” as a business with healthy, focused, well-hydrated employees hitting their goals.

8. Quality Water is Eco-Friendly

If you choose a solution like Pure Water Technology, you’ll have immediate access to touchless and bottleless water solutions for your business as soon as your water purification systems gets installed. No more plastic bottles, little cups, or paper cones to contend with — all you and your employees need is a refillable personal bottle to visit the tank again and again. 

Furthermore, reverse osmosis water is significantly better for the environment than bottled water. You won’t need to rely on single-use plastic water bottles anymore — nor do you have to worry about the controversy from the EPA and FDA that surrounds these plastic water bottles.

9. Quality Water Tastes Better

Whether you trust the science of our reverse osmosis and reoxygenation process or the client testimonial from #5 above, high-quality drinking water has a noticeable taste difference. Because our process filters out toxins, “extras,” and even prevents bacteria from forming on or within the tank, your employees get reliable, cold, pure drinking water every time they visit one of the Pure Water Technology tanks.

10. Quality Water is Great for the Bottom Line

Bottle water coolers may seem more economical at first, but accessories and ongoing maintenance add up quickly. With Pure Water Technology’s self-cleaning tank, maintenance becomes a breeze. Not to mention, the water we use comes from your main water line — so you don’t waste the money on those large plastic bottles of water only a quarter of your employees will have the strength to change, either. 

Finally, a water purification system like ours completely eliminates the need to buy single-use water bottles, which means our fixed pricing model puts more money back in your pocket for meaningful employee initiatives that drive results while maintaining access to some of the best-quality drinking water available.

Satisfy Your Employees’ Thirst For Better Drinking Water Today

Pure Water Technology provides Central PA and Northern Maryland with the best-quality commercial drinking water and water purification system in the area. We replace bottled water, water fountains, and other products with high-quality alternatives that use reverse osmosis, reoxygenation of water, and a self-cleaning tank system so your employees’ drinking water never becomes stale and grimy. 

Learn more about what we can provide for your business and get a one-week free trial by contacting us today.


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