Drinking Water Grants & Funding Programs for PA Schools

School water purification systems are becoming increasingly more popular for students and staff due to the rise in unsafe levels of contaminants. In cases when tap or fountain water may not be safe to drink, there are safe alternatives such as the Pure Water Technology’s PW90. This alternative drinking water system has reverse osmosis filtration to remove contaminants making access to safe drinking water attainable and an eco-friendly solution for schools.

Contaminates In School Drinking Water

As you may be familiar, access to clean drinking water is a requirement for schools and the standard for what qualifies as clean water is regulated by the EPA. CDC notes while public water may be classified as “clean” leaving a public water utility building, it may not always be clean when a student dispenses the drinking water.

The clean drinking water issue is occurring when water is being carried through contaminated pipes and waterways where there are lead and bacteria present. This is how contaminants are primarily entering the school drinking water systems. Unfortunately, in those cases, standard drinking water fountains can no longer support the water filtration needed.

This alarming health concern is gaining more attention as increasing access to clean drinking water in schools and promoting water quality is gaining popularity. So, some may ask, what does this mean for school drinking water systems? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Educational Protection (DEP) have created grant programs that provide schools financial support to afford upgrades such as water infrastructure upgrades, and access to clean water for schools to take advantage of. 

School Drinking Water Funds

The health benefits of supplying consistent fresh and clean drinking water creates a healthy environment for learning and optimal academic, mental, and physical performance. Supplying clean drinking water like Pure Water Technoloogy’s water purification systems is important to us. So, we’ve put together a list of financial resources your school can take advantage of without contributing to the 300 million tons of plastic waste generated through the 50 billion water bottles disposed of annually.

WINN Act- Water Infrastructure Improvements: This can be used to improve water infrastructure in schools to reduce lead exposure in drinking water.

Drinking Water State Revolving Fund ( DWSRF):  This can be used to support the use of safe drinking water

Cares Act for Elementary and Secondary Schools: These relief funds can be used to improve school needs to reduce COVID19 exposure.

Join the thousands of schools and daycare facilities who have already taken advantage of these resources to provide a healthier, and safe drinking water system alternative to your school. Contact our team to schedule a quick discovery call to learn how our touchless and bottleless drinking water coolers can serve your school.


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