Benefits of Commercial Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems 

Not all water is created equal. Numerous water filtration techniques are used by drinking water system manufacturers, but not all produce pure, clean water. Bottled water coolers and water fountains have especially inefficient filtration whereas water purification systems that use reverse osmosis effectively purify water for a more healthful hydration experience. Let’s delve into the benefits of commercial reverse osmosis drinking water systems compared to other water dispensing methods.  

The Problems With Bottled Water Coolers and Water Fountains  

Many distributors of five-gallon jug water dispensers boast that their water is of high quality. However, that’s not always true. Many major brands use micro-filtration and ultraviolet light to remove contaminants. Although this approach adequately removes microorganisms from water, the filtration used by many systems does not capture particles smaller than 0.2 microns. Some units do utilize reverse osmosis, but the dispensers have to be cleaned manually. That can reintroduce microorganisms into the water, ultimately counteracting the filtration process. 

Water fountains also do very little to purify drinking water. Although the source water may be filtered, typically little filtration occurs between the source and fountain. That opens the door for contaminants and bacteria to enter the water, creating the potential for illness and a less-than-desirable taste. 

Advantages of Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems 

At Pure Water Technology, we are committed to providing the cleanest water possible so businesses can create and maintain a more healthful, productive work environment. That is why our systems are designed with an unmatched filtration process that incudes reverse osmosis.  

What is Osmosis? 

To better understand reverse osmosis, we must first understand osmosis. In osmosis, water of a higher concentration passes through a semipermeable membrane into less-concentrated water until the concentration levels are equal. In other words, clean water flows through a membrane into contaminated water to achieve water that is a balance between the two water supplies. 

What Is Reverse Osmosis? 

While water that has undergone osmosis contains contaminants, reverse osmosis uses counter pressure to force water through a semipermeable membrane at a high pressure to remove unwanted elements and compounds, such as chlorine, salt, and dirt. The reverse osmosis filtering process also removes microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, resulting in pure water. 

What Are the Benefits of Pure Water Technology Reverse Osmosis Systems? 

Unlike other water filtration methods, our reverse osmosis filtration removes up to 99.9 percent of contaminants and particles larger than 0.0001 microns. Also, an activated oxygen injection in our high-grade stainless-steel tanks provides additional purification by preventing bacteria, viruses, and parasites. 

All our systems are manufactured with state-of-the-art quality control. Let us introduce the PW90 and the PW90 Mini Countertop, which are our flagship water filtration units. 

Both provide unmatched purification through use of reverse osmosis filtration and ATS-Auto Tank Sanitization.  

PW90 and PW90 Mini Countertop Filtration Process

Our PW90 and PW90 Mini Countertop units have four-stage water filtration: 

  • Filter 1: Sediment filter to remove sediments like dirt, sand, rust, and silt. 
  • Filter 2: Carbon block filter to remove organic compounds like chemicals, solvents, and chlorine. 
  • Filter 3: 80 GPD reverse osmosis membrane to remove inorganic matter such as lead, mercury, and arsenic. 
  • Filter 4: Granular activated filter to remove any remaining matter. 

This process provides high-quality, great-tasting water. And our units’ self-cleaning capabilities further set them apart from other commercial drinking water systems on the market. Unlike the bacteria-breeding environments created by five-gallon water dispensers, our units utilize Auto Tank Sanitization to eliminate bacteria growth within the tank.

What’s In Your Water? 

Want to provide healthier, better-tasting water to your employees and customers? Then consider the benefits of a filtration system with reverse osmosis. Contact us to learn more about Pure Water Technology systems and our unmatched service and support.


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