Ice, It’s The Perk Your Employees Deserve

Frustrated with your water and ice deliveries never arriving on time? Skip the headache. Provide your employees the perks they deserve. Consistent cool great tasting beverages all season long! Time to stop pretending to care about well being and start delivering!

Your people deserve a space to recharge and revitalize and I know a secret ingredient. Coffee! But not just any coffee, iced coffee. Perk your employees interest by upgrading your old unreliable water station with pure, clean, delicious tasting water.

Embrace instant employee gratification with beverages your employees can count on saving time and money and boosting happiness all under your business.

It’s the ultimate perk, so good it will give you the chills.

Ice Perks Your Employees Deserve

Providing employees with an ice unit in their break room for drinks like iced coffee and pure water can bring about significant advantages. Not only does this simple employee perk enhance the overall work environment, but it also has a positive impact on employee well-being and productivity. Let’s review the instant employee gratification you may experience in your office if you made the switch.

Ice Promotes Hydration

Having an ice unit in the break room encourages employees to stay hydrated. With access to chilled water throughout the day, individuals are more likely to consume an adequate amount of water. This, in turn, leads to improved health and well-being. Dehydration can negatively impact concentration, energy levels, and cognitive function, making it crucial for employees to stay refreshed and focused.

Enjoyment Of Iced Coffee and Pure Water

An ice unit enables employees to indulge in iced coffee or other cold beverages during their breaks. Coffee is a popular choice among working professionals to stay alert and productive, and the ability to make iced coffee in the workplace can be a great morale booster. It provides a refreshing treat that helps employees recharge and stay motivated, particularly during busy or stressful periods.

Ice Is Convenient and Time-saving

Having an ice unit in the break room offers convenience and saves employees time. Instead of leaving the office to buy a cold drink, employees can easily prepare their own in the workplace. This eliminates the need for unnecessary trips, allowing employees to maximize their break time and engage in activities that help them relax and recharge, such as socializing with colleagues or taking a brief walk outside.

Ice Fosters Positive Company Culture

Providing an ice unit promotes a positive company culture. Employers demonstrate their commitment to employee well-being and satisfaction by offering this ice amenity. This gesture contributes to a more positive work environment, enhancing employee morale. It shows that the company values their staff and is willing to invest in their comfort and happiness, ultimately leading to increased employee loyalty and retention.

Ice Encourages Healthier Choices

Having an ice unit in the break room can encourage employees to make healthier choices. With easy access to cold water and the ability to make iced beverages, employees are more likely to opt for these options over sugary drinks or unhealthy alternatives. This supports overall wellness initiatives and contributes to a healthier workforce.

Make The Switch To Pure Water Technology

Providing employees with an ice unit in their break room for drinks like iced coffee and water offers numerous advantages. It promotes hydration, boosts productivity, saves time, enhances company culture, and encourages healthier choices. By investing in this small but valuable addition, businesses can create a more enjoyable and supportive work environment that benefits both employees and the organization as a whole.

Ditch the hassle and provide your employees perks they can count on. Pure Water Technology of Central PA and Northern MD connects our commercial ice and water units to the existing water lines in your office building. This ensures your team has peace of mind knowing they never have to worry about water bottle deliveries arriving late again.

Ready to learn more about how Pure Water Technology of Central PA and Northern MD can help upgrade your old unreliable beverage station?

Contact our team today to provide your employees the ultimate perks they deserve.

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