Planning for 2017: Three Areas That Deserve Your Focus

2017 is finally here, and it’s time to make a few New Years’ resolutions. What goals do you have for your business? Here are three things that deserve your company’s attention in 2017.


You’ve likely already established a budget for the new year. But there may be expenses that can benefit from a closer look. Cost containment is always a top priority. But companies with beverage delivery service don’t always review this line item as carefully as they should.

Bottled water delivery services, which may seem like the most affordable option for your workplace, may include hidden charges and fees that can easily get your budget off track. First, the indirect cost of tasks such as producing plastic bottles, running bottling plants, and fueling delivery vehicles will ultimately fall upon you as the consumer. These factors may not be itemized in your invoice, but they’re a part of the price you pay for a bottled water system.

Additionally, any mistake in managing an inventory of bottled water, including delivery, tracking, and maintenance, could cost you even more money. Whether your delivery is lost, your supply is improperly stored, or you under- or overestimated the water demand in your workplace, you could end up paying much more than you anticipated for water this year.

A water purification system is much easier on your budget. By renting an all-in-one filtration, purification, and treatment system that provides an unlimited amount of water, you no longer need to spend time and money on bottle delivery, installation, and storage. There are also no surprises; with a 60-month price lock rental program, you’ll know exactly what to expect when you receive your monthly or quarterly invoice, even if your machine requires service. Making the switch can keep your 2017 budget on track.


Another area that deserves a closer look in 2017 is the quality of your water vendor. How can you be sure that you’re really getting the best service possible at the most affordable price? In order to compare vendors to make the best choice for the new year, there are a few factors you should consider.

First, when comparing vendors, consider how their fees may change over time. If employees in your workplace suddenly require more water, will the price you pay increase? Look for vendors who can easily supply you with the water you need at a flat or locked-in rate. This way, you have financial security as well as hydrated employees.

Next, consider how much service and maintenance the vendors you’re comparing will be able to offer you. What are their service fees? Do they have a reputation for sub-par repairs? Do a little research and find out what others are saying. By choosing a vendor that offers timely, reasonable, and regular service, you’re doing yourself and your office a favor. You should also find out how much maintenance you’ll be expected to perform yourself on a regular basis.

Finally, once you’ve narrowed your list of possible vendors down, think about completing a free trial to see what their equipment and service is really like. It’s the best way to get feedback from your employees and see how the vendor measures up in your specific workplace.

By taking the time to ensure that the vendor you choose is reliable and affordable, you’ll be able to eliminate avoidable water issues in 2017.

Health and Wellness Initiatives

Last but certainly not least, the health and wellness of your business’ employees should be a consideration you make in 2017. Proper hydration is one key factor that can improve the well-being of every employee in your workplace, and it’s an initiative that’s simple to facilitate.

Dehydration can decrease productivity by up to 12%, so providing employees with access to water that they actually want to drink is key. Fresh-tasting, clean, easy-to-dispense water is crucial to encouraging individuals to drink more throughout the day. However, this kind of water doesn’t necessarily come from the average water cooler—systems like these can easily become contaminated with harmful bacteria and germs while the bottle is being changed, or may already be unhealthy because of improper bottle storage. One of the best ways to encourage employees to drink more water at work is to provide them with a water source that is free of these health issues. 

A water purification system can do just that. Its limitless supply of clean, filtered water encourages employees to take as much water as they want; no one has to worry about finishing the bottle and having to lift a heavy, 5 lb. container to replace it. This year, stock your workspace with company water bottles that your employees can fill every day and take with them on the go. You can also take the time to educate your employees on the importance of hydration. By making them aware of how much they can benefit from drinking water, you’ll do your entire office a favor.

Your budget, your vendors, and the health of your employees are important elements to your business’ success in 2017, and water plays a major part in each one. Take the time to make the right choice when it comes to providing water for your workplace this year.


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