5 Benefits of Water Purification Systems

As a society, we’ve become aware of the daily water consumption recommendations, but the educational shift from quantity to quality is needed. The human body is 60% water. So, it is to no surprise that water is an essential item to our survival. Water is being consumed so frequently that some don’t realize the water may have bacteria. Water quality is so important, there’s a standard that tests its condition based on biological characteristics, physical, and chemical balances. Water purification systems take the worry out of questioning your water quality and allows you and your employees to enjoy fresh, crisp water in every glass…

Now, you may be thinking there are water standards put in place by townships that ensure your water is safe, yes, that is correct. The US EPA sets legal standards; however, the purification systems add additional layers (six to be exact), that further remove bacteria, metals, and other contaminants from your water. There are other benefits water purification systems can offer for your business, and more importantly, they can help reduce your overhead costs over other products like tap water, and bottled water systems. Keep reading to find out how!

How it works cover

1.   Reverse Osmosis Filtration

The water undergoes Reverse Osmosis Filtration meaning the system removes contaminants in drinking water. During this phase, contaminates including total dissolved solids (TDS) like minerals, salts, and other molecules that are not pure H2O, are removed. These TDS are not necessarily bad for your health, but they do change the taste of your water. Say bye-bye to chemicals! Water contaminates change the taste depending on the saturated levels. Explore our blog to learn more about the tastes of water and how it effects the workplace.

2.   Self-Cleans the Water Reservoir With Auto Tank Sanitation

Auto Tank Sanitation (ATS) eliminates microbiological contamination in the water holding tank, an often-overlooked task for filtered water cooler users. After about 12 hours water in a filtered cooler begins to lose carbon dioxide. When this happens, contaminants begin to grow within the reservoir. Bacteria is often hard to see at first, but if left uncleaned, a layer of scum will appear on a water filtered cooler system. Fortunately, a water purification system eliminates the task of cleaning, because it is automatically completed within the system. The purified water system is monitored 24/7 via a microprocessor that controls and monitors the system functions to keep your water fresh, so your employees can keep healthy.

3.   Oxygenates the water

Water purification systems add activated oxygen injections to the water during the ATS phase. Oxygen in the water keeps the water levels secure and eliminates opportunities for bacterial growth. As an added bonus, oxygenated water injections allow the body to recover more quickly after physical activity as well as assist in flushing out toxins in the body. These added health benefits make it advantageous for businesses to purchase compared to other water systems in the marketplace.

4.   Self-Cleans the Touchpad With CleanContact

CleanContact is an antimicrobial additive that is on the purification water system’s touchpad. This protective surface is anti-parasite that destroys and prohibits the multiplication of bacteria growth. CleanContact is a benefit because it limits the exposure and transfer of germs around the office. It also reduces the task of wiping down and cleaning after each use.

5.   Consistent Payment Plans

Enjoy top-of-the-line water purification systems in your office without any financial worry. Unlike other water suppliers, we offer easy, low monthly payment plans. This makes it easy to budget. The water purification system is cost-efficient and reduces employee downtime from planning and scheduling water drop-offs, maintenance, and re-filling water systems. The 3i water purification system automatically refills and significantly reduces on-site maintenance planning.

These five benefits, reverse osmosis filtration, Auto Tank Sanitation, oxygenated water, CleanContact, and consistent payment plans are the top five reasons why a water purification system is the best water solution for businesses. 

The 3i water purification system can lead to many other benefits such as decreased stress levels, healthier employees, and freed employee time to complete more pressing work in the office. 

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