PW90: The Best Water Purification System on the Market

Between health benefits, financial savings, and the positive environmental impact, countless companies have recognized the advantages of bottleless water purification systems in the workplace. Because of this growing interest, Pure Water Technology has invested time and finances into finding an even better solution to the problem organizations face in the workplace when it comes to clean drinking water. The proximity sensor and antimicrobial technologies have newly been introduced to the drinking water industry. The design of the PW90, which uses the touchless technology, was created with an increased awareness of viruses and bacteria in our society in mind, utilizing innovative science that encourages the reduction of cross-contamination and promotes healthy employees.

PW90 VS PW90 Mini

The PW 90 and the PW90 Mini are both commercial point of use drinking water purification systems that offer hot and cold water. They each have unique features that can be attributed to the advanced technology used both internally and externally of the systems during operation. Below, we’ll review everything you need to know about the PW90 and the PW90 mini so you can successfully choose the system that will be best suited for your business, school, or other facility


The PW90 is the most hygienic, ergonomic, and technologically advanced commercial water dispenser in the water industry. There are many different unique and enticing features on the PW90, but the most vital is the touchless sensor activation. Beyond the innovative touchless feature, the PW90 maintains further cleanliness through its antimicrobial surfaces for the exterior and an advanced oxygen-self cleaning system for internal regulation. The activated oxygen-self cleaning, uses advanced technology to circulate water and clean tanks and lines to maintain water freshness. You can be certain your water is always fresh due to the 24/7 system monitoring which continuously monitors the performance of the systems, as well as water quality, with real time status on an LCD screen. If you are looking for a commercial drinking water purification system  that has a positive impact on the environment, the PW90 is a great fit for you because of its Eco-Mode feature that reduces power consumption, as well as reducing power costs for any organization. A water purification system like the PW90 also promotes alternatives to water bottles or coolers, which reduces plastic waste, while still avoiding more unsanitary options like the commonly shared water fountain. The water from the PW90 is also much cleaner than the water you would get from a fountain, bottle, or cooler, because of the advanced purification technology that uses a proprietary, multi-stage, reverse osmosis process that is certified to industry standards. Also among its product features, the PW90 utilizes an advanced drip tray that eliminates emptying to promote further ease of use.

Anyone can benefit from the effects of water purification, but this innovative product was made to be used in larger commercial or manufacturing settings such as hospitals, warehouses, schools, etc. Water is such a vital part of our daily lives and can greatly impact health. Investing in clean, safe water can be essential to efficient business operations. Commercial settings can greatly benefit not only from the health benefits of the PW90, but also from the financial burden it can relieve and the overall convenience of the product. Our pricing structure is a set monthly fee so you don’t have to worry about random increased bills.When looking for where the product should be placed in your organization setting, it is good to keep in mind that the PW90 is 14” W x 50.9” H x 17” L, weighing about 69.9 lbs. The PW90 can be put virtually anywhere within the vicinity of your operation. Our service teams at Pure Water Technology are experts at planning and installation of the PW90 and all of our water purification systems, regardless of location challenges. The installation team at Pure water technology has installed over 1,000 units with some who needed water lines to run as long as 200 yards (2 football fields).  

PW90 Mini

Think of the PW90 Mini as the countertop version of the PW90. With the same advanced technologies and processes and the same great tasting water, the PW90 Mini is simply the smaller, more portable version of the full size PW90. Coming in at about 46.3 lb compared to the PW90’s almost 70 lbs, the PW90 Mini is sized at 17.8” H x 11.7” W x 19.5” D. The PW90 Mini is built with a cold tank capacity of approximately 1 gallon and a hot tank capacity of 0.5 gallons, Overall, this design was made to meet the needs of smaller commercial businesses. Offices who employ  less than 50 employees  make the best customer for the PW90 mini. Once water is dispensed, the tank will continue to filter the water and fill it back up. Your team will never run out of water and certainly won’t have to lift 5-gallon jugs again!

Why You Should Switch to our Water Purification units

When is the last time your communal office water jug, cooler, or fountain has been thoroughly cleaned? You might not want to think too long on that subject considering the amount of bacteria and mold that commonly grows in offices all over the world. Changing the water jug or cleaning the cooler and fountain is a chore that no one in the office wants to do. When it does get done, it is not given nearly enough attention. Through our services at Pure Water Technology, we have seen first hand the consequences of the habitual failure to clean such frequently used sources of water like the common 5 gallon jug and water fountains. That sort of neglect can lead to health problems throughout the office or school. Even plastic water bottles are not as pure as they promise. Plastic water bottles are also unable to reach the same level of taste and quality the PW90 system offers.

The PW90 offers the convenience of self cleaning and gives customers the reassurance that their water is pure and safe. Pure Water Technology also offers outstanding, immediate or next-day customer service to ensure satisfaction.

Reverse Osmosis Filtration

How is the water from the PW90 so pure? And how does it taste so good? Reverse Osmosis Filtration is the first step in the multi-step filtration process that water goes through in the PW90 water purification system. Reverse Osmosis Filtration removes any contaminants in the water, including bacteria, chemicals, parasites, and any other Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), which is anything in the water aside from pure H2O molecules.  Removing the contaminants purifies the water, making it much cleaner and safer than before. After the Reverse Osmosis stage of the filtration process, Activated Oxygen Injection occurs. During this procedure, oxygen is injected into the water, helping to deliver that fresh taste water from the PW90 is known for. 

Touchless Technology 

Arguably the most unique part of the PW90 and the PW90 Mini is the advanced touch-free technology that allows for touchless sensor activation. This is useful in any setting, especially as our society becomes more conscious of the spreading of germs and cross contamination. Any time touch can be avoided, those risks are reduced, especially in areas that are highly utilized like shared water sources. The touchless nature of the PW90 and PW90 Mini is a much more sanitary option than the classic water jug, fountain, or bottle, as well as any other system that requires direct handling during regular operation. 

The PW90 and PW90 Mini are both viable options if you are looking to replace or install a new drinking water purification system for your organization. A simple switch from water coolers, bottles, or fountains can save you time, money, and energy. Not only is it a healthier, more sanitary option for employees, it is also more sustainable for the environment. The service at Pure Water Technology, along with the advanced technology utilized by the PW90 water purification products, allows for a convenient and consistent experience. Drinking water is vital to our health and well-being as humans and it should be made easy and fun everyday, even at work.  This is something we strive for as we look for further innovative ways to make drinking water more accessible and fresh for our clients.

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