The 2017 Workplace: An Emphasis on Employee Well-being

At the end of a year many companies typically like to do two things – reflect and predict. Many businesses will analyze the past year to see where they excelled and where they fell short while simultaneously predicting what may be in store for the next year. One of the major predictions for successful businesses in 2017 is shifting more focus to employee wellness programs with respect to driving performance and engagement.

As the workforce evolves, employers are finding it more and more difficult to keep their employees engaged. Investing in an employee wellness program has shown to produce positive results for employee productivity and engagement. Businesses who implement employee wellness programs have noticed their employees are:

More productive – Employees who self-reported poor well-being said they believed they were only performing 64% of their maximum output.

1. More engaged – Employees are more likely to go the extra mile for their employers if they feel their wellness is important to the employer. According to SHRM, 74% of professionals reported that participating in a wellness program increased overall engagement.   

If creating a fully integrated Employee Wellness Program is not something your business is ready to take on, there are many simple ways to encourage your employees to stay healthy while also creating a healthy work environment.

1. Encourage your employees to get up and move around. Multiple studies have shown that a sedentary lifestyle can increase health risks such as muscle degeneration, heart disease and a bad back.

2. Educate. Many people forget about education as a means to encourage wellness but it is one of the simplest ways to do so. Give a seminar on the importance of health or post infographics in well-trafficked areas such as the bathroom or breakroom (in our office it’s the coffee machine!) 

3. Provide incentives for healthy activities. Reward employees for reaching milestones and they’ll be more likely to keep going.   

Another simple and cost-effective way to provide your employees with the tools for a healthy work-life is with Pure Water Technology’s water purification systems. Our systems provide healthy drinking water free of chemicals, bacteria, and parasites that can be found in bottled water systems.

Try it today – Provide your workers with the tools for a healthier lifestyle and show them their health is important with a one week FREE trial for your business. Schedule an appointment by calling us at 888-851-PURE or filling out our online form.


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