Dr. Deborah Brix Joins ActivePure Technology

ActivePure Technology Certifications

As the new Chief Medical and Scientific Advisor, Dr. Birx will join ActivePure Technology as the new Chief Medical and Scientific Advisor. Her recent experience was working in the White House with President Donald Trump as the Coronavirus Response Coordinator. However, she has also worked with infectious diseases around the world in HIV and Malaria and served in the military for 30 years.

Why she’s excited to join the team? 

Dr. Birx is looking forward to involving technology that’s science and data driven. She wants people to be more comfortable in indoor spaces and feels ActivePure Technology is the best company who can support this mission with their advanced technology.

As a whole, she is passionate about making air more pure. Our BeyondGuardian Air and Hydroxyl Blaster can provide pure air solutions for cruise ships, schools, hospitals and more. Together we can make America safer indoors.

Welcome to our team Dr. Birx! We are happy to have you.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Air Purification products designed with ActivePure Technology, please contact us!


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