Pure Water Technology VS Others

I love this office space, everything here serves its purpose! If by purpose you mean a safety hazard or workers’ compensation cases waiting to happen, then sure!

Fostering a clean, productive environment for your greatest assets, your people is far more frosty.

When was the last time that was cleaned? All of that bacteria is duplicating in population just waiting to be dispensed in your cup.

Progress is installing a Wellsys i12 or Wellsys i16 in your business. These water and ice combination system reduce plastic water waste, wear an antimicrobial armor, and self clean the interior water tanks – and they keep your employees healthy, happy, and hydrated.

Wellsys i12 servers hot, cold, and ambient water with Starbucks/Duncan style ice. Perfect for a small office or executive suite. Pumping out 44 lbs. of ice daily.

Wellsys i16 for medium size businesses has you covered with Chick-Fil-A/Sonic style ice and eloquently chisels 165 lbs. of pure clear ice a day. More than enough for immediate medical use.

Stay fresh with Pure water Technology of Central PA. Call 888-581-PURE for a sub-zero risk trial today.

Competitor Comparison

When it comes to providing clean and refreshing hydration options for businesses, Pure Water Technology’s purified ice and water stand out as the gold standard.

In this article, we’ll compare Pure Water Technology’s offerings to competitors who rely on 5-gallon water jug dispensers or plastic water bottles. As we explore the advantages, it becomes clear why Pure Water Technology’s system is the best option on the market for businesses seeking quality, sustainability, and convenience.

Pure Water Technology's Ice/Water Quality is Unmatched

Pure Water Technology takes the lead in terms of purity and quality of their ice and water. Their state-of-the-art purification technology ensures that every drop of water is free from contaminants, delivering crisp, clean, and refreshing hydration. This commitment extends to their ice as well, which is pure and devoid of any unwanted tastes or odors.

In contrast, businesses relying on 5-gallon water jugs or plastic water bottles may face inconsistent water quality. These traditional methods often depend on external sources, making it challenging to guarantee the same level of purity and consistency. With Pure Water Technology, your business can offer a consistent, top-tier water and ice experience to employees and customers.

Pure Water Technology is Eco-Friendly

Sustainability is a crucial consideration in today’s business world, and Pure Water Technology takes it to the next level. Their water and ice systems eliminates the need for single-use plastic water bottles and reduces the environmental impact associated with 5-gallon jug deliveries. Water is purified on-site, reducing carbon emissions related to transportation and significantly cutting down on plastic waste.

On the other hand, businesses that rely on plastic water bottles generate substantial plastic waste, contributing to environmental pollution and harming ecosystems. Additionally, the production and transportation of plastic bottles require significant energy and resources, making it less sustainable compared to Pure Water Technology’s ice and water solution.

Pure Water Technology Dispenses Ice/Water 24/7

In terms of convenience, Pure Water Technology’s system shines. It’s seamlessly integrated into your business’s existing water lines, requiring minimal maintenance and ensuring a continuous supply of clean water and ice. There’s no need to schedule deliveries or make space for storage.

Businesses using 5-gallon water jugs or plastic water bottles often deal with logistical challenges. Ordering, storing, and replacing jugs or bottles can be time-consuming and space-intensive. Furthermore, running out of water can disrupt daily operations, leading to unnecessary business inconveniences.

Pure Water Technology has a 5-Step Filtration System

Pure Water Technology prioritizes the health and safety of its customers. Their advanced purification process ensures that water is free from harmful contaminants, providing peace-of-mind to businesses and their employees. Additionally, the on-site purification eliminates the risk of contamination during transportation, storage, or handling.

With 5-gallon water jugs or plastic water bottles, there’s always a potential risk of contamination during various stages of the water’s journey. Businesses can’t guarantee the same level of control over water quality as Pure Water Technology, making it a safer choice for employees and customers.

Make The Switch

Pure Water Technology’s purified ice and water systems undoubtedly emerge as the best option on the market for businesses seeking a superior hydration solution. It excels in terms of purity, sustainability, convenience, and health and safety. By choosing Pure Water Technology, your business not only provides top-tier water and ice but also contributes to a more sustainable future.

Say goodbye to the hassles of 5-gallon water jugs and plastic water bottles, and embrace the innovative solution that Pure Water Technology offers.

Elevate your business with the best in hydration, ensuring that your employees and customers enjoy the highest quality water and ice while making a positive impact on the environment and your bottom line. 

Ready to learn more about how Pure Water Technology of Central PA and Northern MD can help upgrade your old unreliable beverage station? Contact our team today to provide your employees the ultimate perks they deserve with freshness they can taste.

Wellsys i12

Wellsys i12

Reverse Osmosis purification system that gives you clean and fresh drinking water

wellsys i16

Wellsys i16

Easy to Operate Programmable Controls


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