Skip The Ice and Water Delivery Delays

Nothing says professionalism like offering clients grimy tap water. Delivered water brings hazards like delivery truck traffic, back breaking lifting and water delivery delays. All for what– subpar water?

Newsflash, more than 70% of our bodies are made up of water. It’s important to stay hydrated and have reliable delicious tasting water your team can count on.

Pure Water Technology is seamlessly connected to your existing water line. Delivering an unbroken flow of freshness 24/7 and more importantly a local team who is ready to support and they are just a call away.

Our ice and water units never bypass our 5-step water filtration system. This ensures safe delicious tasting water every single time. You’ve experienced this delivery disaster before… freeze scheduling chaos and invest in your most important asset, your people! So, they can do their job seamlessly. Experience what a reliable partner truly means at Pure Water Technology. Call our team to start your free trial today!

Our Water Purification Units vs. Competitors

In a world where clean and safe drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce, innovative water purification technologies have taken center stage. Among these, Pure Water Technology’s water purification units, have emerged as a superior, eco friendly alternative option to remove water impurities. Below we will explore the significant differences between Pure Water Technology’s advanced technology units and traditional options like 5-gallon water jugs and bottled water.

Advanced Water Filtration

Pure Water Technology’s units are equipped with a 5-step water filtration process that targets impurities such as bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, chlorine, pesticides, and even tiny micro-plastics. Removing the contaminants purifies the water, making it much cleaner and safer than before. After the Reverse Osmosis stage of the filtration process, Activated Oxygen Injection occurs. During this procedure, oxygen is injected into the water, helping to deliver delicious tasting water. In contrast, 5-gallon water jugs and bottled water might go through basic filtration, but they often lack the comprehensive instant purification process that ensures fresh, clean tasting water.

Freshness You Can Count On

One of the primary concerns with 5-gallon water jugs and bottled water is the inconsistency in water quality. Factors such as storage conditions, transportation, and the source of the water can all impact the taste and safety of the water. With Pure Water Technology’s water purification units, your business can enjoy consistent and high-quality water with our units attached directly to your existing water source. The units remove impurities on-demand, ensuring that every glass of water you drink is clean, safe, and tastes great, too!

Eco-Friendly Alternative

The environmental toll of 5-gallon water jugs and bottled water is undeniable. The production, transportation, and disposal of plastic bottles contribute to pollution and plastic waste that harm our ecosystems. Pure Water Technology’s units produce significantly less waste as they eliminate the need for single-use plastic bottles altogether. By opting for a our water purification units, you’re making a more sustainable choice that reduces your business’s carbon footprint. See who we serve!


Imagine the convenience of having clean and purified water available at any moment without the need to lift heavy water jugs or schedule water deliveries to your facility. Pure Water Technology’s water purification units provide this level of convenience by connecting our units to your existing water lines. With a simple waive of your hand, you have access to fresh delicious tasting water. Our services also include maintenance of the unit and local service that is just a call away.

Ice and Water Capability

When compared apples to apples, Pure Water Technology versus its’ traditional competitors, Pure Water Technology considers itself to be an orange. We just don’t compare. Pure Water Technology goes above and beyond to serve customers by offering purified water AND ice so you and your employees can enjoy the perks they deserve.

Make The Switch To Pure Water Technology

The decision between Pure Water Technology and its competitors boils down to your business needs. If you value your employees, eco-friendly business decisions, delicious tasting water, and reliable local service– Pure Water Technology should be your go to!

Ready to learn more about how Pure Water Technology of Central PA and Northern MD can help upgrade your old unreliable beverage station? Contact our team today to provide your employees the ultimate perks they deserve with freshness they can taste.

Wellsys i12

Wellsys i12

Reverse Osmosis purification system that gives you clean and fresh drinking water

wellsys i16

Wellsys i16

Easy to Operate Programmable Controls


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