Trouble Is Brewing At Your Office…Literally

At Pure Water Technology, we are known for delivering and servicing the most advanced drinking water systems for your office. Not only have we developed a process to provide 100% pure water to your employees, but we have done so in a way that is affordable, convenient, clean, and environmentally friendly.

Providing the Highest Quality, Best Tasting Water – and More Coffee than Ever – to the Workplace

Coffee is 98% water. As a water purification service provider dedicated to delivering the highest quality product, we noticed a significant need in the workplace environment…delectable coffee. This lack of quality results from:

  • Low Quality Machines – Low performance, inconsistent coffee brewers.
  • Low Quality Service – Improperly cleaned or poorly maintained machines.
  • Low Quality Water – Unfiltered, gross, drinking water.
  • Low Quality Coffee – Taste and grade of coffee brand.

Ignoring these issues would simply be a disservice to our clients. So we came up with a solution – provide our clients with exceptional water AND coffee.

Bring the Coffeehouse, In-House

Pure Water Technology has spent hundreds of man-hours researching, testing, and tasting endless amounts of coffee roasts from all over in order to find the ultimate partner for our water filtration process and coffee service. We weren’t going to sleep until we found the right brew – or maybe we couldn’t because we were so highly caffeinated.

When all was said and done, we found a coffee brewer as dedicated to their product and clients as we are – Fresh Roasted Coffee of Selinsgrove, PA. Fresh Roasted Coffee is “completely committed to providing customers with the highest quality of coffee on Earth. Each element of their coffee brewing process – the beans, the origin, the roast, and the grind – is taken care of with the utmost quality, remaining free of any unnecessary additives.

It’s More Than Just Quality Coffee, It’s Quality Values

Fresh Roasted Coffee offers more than just a great tasting Cup of Joe. Their Fair Trade roasts provide local farmers and growers with the premiums necessary to help their business flourish. They also offer products that are Organic, Bird Friendly, and Rainforest Alliance certified.

The Right Partner. The Right Products. The Right Provider.

While Pure Water Technology has been using Fresh Roasted Coffee for several years, we have recently expanded our palate. We now offer well over 50 different flavors and roasts for your workplace. They are available in a variety of forms – grounds, capsules, and pods, all accompanied by our trustworthy delivery and service. Employers can now provide coffeehouse grade coffee, in-house.

Why Settle for an Average Cup of Coffee When You Can Afford the Best?

Coffee is the drink that employees reach for first thing in the morning. It’s the drink they choose when they need a 2pm pick-me-up. It’s what they sip when they’re up late working to meet their deadline.

Consistent, Exceptional, Filtered Coffee: That’s what you get when you combine Fresh Roasted Coffee with our water filtration products and high performance brewers. You can expect the best Taste, Quality, and Experience – Every. Single. Time. 

Isn’t it time you elevated your in-office experience? Shop our PureBrew™ online today!

To learn more about how Pure Water Technology can enhance your workplace, give us a call at 888-581-7873 or contact us here.


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