Warehouse Facility in York, PA

York Company Saves Over $20,000 in Just 5 Years Thanks to Pure Water Technology


In 2007, a large warehouse company in York, PA was spending far more than they had to on their workplace drinking water. Determined to reduce costs without compromising on providing fresh, healthy water to their employees, they asked Pure Water Technology for help.

Meeting the Challenge

Our representative discovered the company had 13 bottled water coolers strategically placed all throughout their offices & warehouse. Bottles were stacked in plastic crates and lined-up on the floor next to the coolers – some were even stashed away under tables or in closets! The company used an average of 114 water bottles per month, which put their costs for cooler rentals, bottles and bottle deposits at approximately $13,600 annually!

After assessing their needs, a Pure Water Technology representative proposed a bottle-less water purification solution that enabled them to reduce their costs to an average of about $9,360 per year.

The Win-Win

Not only did the move to a Pure Water Technology system save the company $20K in just five years, it also brought other benefits. The company regained valuable floor space by eliminating the clutter of water bottles. Plus, by improving the quality of the drinking water and safety of their employees, they boosted workplace morale. Better water…happier employees…better bottom line. Now that’s what we call a happy ending!


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