Fox Subacute at Clara Burke – A skilled nursing facility in Plymouth Meeting, PA

Pure Water Technology Restores Employees’ Trust in their Workplace Drinking Water


Fox Subacute at Clara Burke in Plymouth Meeting, PA had a problem. It had invested in a filtered drinking water system, but employees in their Accounting Department refused to drink the water because the water line was in the bathroom. Although the issue was perceptual in nature rather than directly related to the taste or quality of the water, the fact remained people didn’t trust drinking the water. As a result, they were investing in bottled water on top of the filtered system.

Knowing how satisfied the staff at Fox Subacute’s location in Warrington, PA was with their Pure Water Technology system, the administrator at the Plymouth Meeting facility invited us to talk with them about what we might propose for their location.

Meeting the Challenge

Pure Water Technology’s representative Jerry Gubin spoke with the Plymouth Meeting facility administrator and the employees who had the problem with their existing filtered water solution. He explained about Pure Water Technology’s water purification products, and he gained their agreement to participate in a free trial.

After the trial was installed, Jerry took the time to show employees how the Pure Water Technology units function – and he insisted all employees – especially the folks in Accounting! – give the water a try. Even the Accounting employees said they could taste a noticeable difference in the quality and freshness of the water.

The Win-Win

Everyone was so pleased with the water during the free trial, the Fox Subacute Plymouth Meeting office ordered two Pure Water Technology units for their location. Their employees now enjoy fresh, healthy water every day, and management has a cost-effective, state-of-the-art, staff-pleasing drinking water solution in place.


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